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 Brett Taylor - owner and manager here at Earthart is a man who truly loves his work.

Landscaping is often an afterthought in the development of a property but it is one of the most important factors determining its personal and monetary value.

In order to achieve the best result for our clients, effective planning is a must. Initial factors such as a client’s wish list, an understanding of budget constraints, council/building code limitations etc. should be talked about early in the piece so there are no “bugger” moments.

Then the fun starts….. colours, materials, pictures of other gardens you like, visualizing - thinking of walking through a natural setting, wondering how hot the spa will be when you step into it after a long day at the office and so on……..

Even better is being able to see what your project will look like before a spade touches the ground.

With 3D design, exactly that is achievable. This is where we tweak spacial planning to get the most out of your area eg. - see where shade falls, where the trampoline will fit best, the best colour for your pergola, which plant where - to basically fine tune the look and practical aspects of the design before any real expense has been incurred.



Patio design

This design needed to showcase the beautiful Ohope coastline, while providing shelter and comfort from the prevailing north westerly winds and weather.

The original pergola was dated and decrepit, not doing anything for the property aesthetically. The paving was in need of modernising so large square light coloured pavers were chosen. To help bring out the colour of the brick and retain the grain in the laminated timber a high quality sealer was applied.



Back yard pool design

This property's challenges required fitting a lot into a small space.

A pool, under cover Louvre Systems roof, lawn, a fence that 'fits in', a tramp for the kids, pump house garden shed and of course gardens to help soften the look.

What came about was a modern practical take on a beautiful coastal home, integrating house materials in the fence for continuity, coastal plants to bring in the surrounding natural environment and practical space consideration to create good flow and utilisation.

The Clients were fantastic to deal with and are now enjoying the results.





Apanui Kindergarten

The client brief on this project was safety, supervision and fun.

The Client is an authority on child safety and so all aspects of the design were looked at from that perspective. After being supplied with the concept design, the individual components and areas were designed as they were going to be built and installed.

The popular theme these days in child playgrounds is natural and so most of the materials used in the construction are natural elements - timber, rock, bark, harvested water, plants, dirt, recycled wood chip, grass and so on.

All of the individual components were drawn and approved before being built by Earthart. The design process allowed any fine tuning to be done before the item was made ensuring the job was done right the first time.

After sharing and juggling the only access way into the kindy with Teachers, Parents and Children it all came together beautifully.
The playground is a great success and a big thankyou goes to our client and staff for trusting and collaborating.


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