Our Team

We're a quality conscious, fun-loving team that thrives on a job well done.  

We love our work and it gives us a real buzz to complete a project for our customers.  
Our team comprises of qualified builders, horticulturalists, and creative minds, all with vast experience together.




Company History

"Built from the ground up..."

Earthart Landscaping was formed in February 2003. 'Do it all...' was our catch phrase.

Starting off, for the first couple of years, as a one man band doing small retaining walls, fence gates, mowing lawns and pencil drawings of proposed landscapes it was clear relying on one person to do the lot was not productive. The first staff member soon followed, then another. The prerequisite was quality first.

It was identified early on that a picture paints a thousand words so Brett (the business owner) learned how to draw plans/designs in 3D using CAD (computer aided design). This created a level of professionalism the business hadn't enjoyed until then. There has been no looking back since. Earthart now produce plans and designs for a miriad of clients - property owners, kindergarten organisations, councils, developers etc.  A great conceptual tool.

To complement the design we have highly skilled teams that install all elements of the design - from complex timber structures to stone water features to planting all garden areas etc. The teams are made up of awesome individuals who all have varied skills which combine to provide all the quality and experience needed for any one job.

We also have developed a maintenance division who provide grounds maintenance and mowing of industrial sites, commercial premises, some council work, domestic properties etc. 

Earthart Ltd. now produce high quality work all around the Bay of Plenty and beyond.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to deliver and exceed our customers expectations by delivering the best quality landscaping service at a fair price within the specified time frame every time.  This will be achieved through courteous, effective communication, thorough systems, and an overwhelming desire to do the best job possible always."