How does the landscaping process work?

Each of our jobs generally follows the same rough process, which you can read all about
right here.

How much will my landscaping cost?

From the materials used, through to the condition of the land, there are a huge number of variables in landscape design, build and maintenance. That means every project, and every cost, will be different. And while some elements of landscaping can be fairly cost-effective, it does pay to get it done well – which means high quality landscaping can be a reasonable investment.

To get a good idea of what your project might cost, get in touch, and we can pop round for a site visit to talk through all the details together.

I don’t live in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Can we still work together?

A majority of our work is based in the Eastern Bay – including landscaping in Whakatane, Kawerau, Rotorua, Gisborne, Taupo, Opotiki, and the East Cape. That said, we do have the ability to design for any location in New Zealand. With the internet making communication easy, and our 3D design renders giving you a clear idea of the finished product, we can work together with just a site visit or two.

How long will my project take?

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, the amount of time it’ll take will vary. So during our pricing stage, we’ll figure out a rough time – frame, and will let you know.

If another landscaper made my designs for me, can you build them?

We sure can. First, we’d review the plans, to make sure we have all the info needed to price the job properly. And we’d also talk to the designer and ask any burning questions, making sure we have total clarity before we get stuck in.

Do you work with architects?

We’re a very collaborative bunch, so we love working with architects, engineers, drafts-people and any other trade-related professionals.

Do you do large-scale industrial jobs?

We have a team of trusted and approved contractors on hand, which gives us flexibility around the scale of projects we take on. If you’ve got a larger-scale project on-the-go, talk to us about whether we’re the right people for the job.

Will you design my project in 2D, or 3D?

2D plans involve a flat view of the site, showing all major assets – like structures, planting, services, materials, and more. This is handy for getting a feel for the space at a basic, plan-view level.

3D plans, on the other hand, bring the landscape design to life in photo-real detail. They let you explore the design from multiple angles – showing where shade will fall, providing options for colour and materials, and giving a good feel for the flow of the space. For most complex designs and builds, we recommend 3D designs. But if you’re a very visual person, or your project is on the simple side, then a 2D plan might be all you need. We’ll work together to figure out whether a 2D or 3D plan is right for you – making a call either during our initial site visit, or in the early stages of our consultation

Can we change our plan after the final has been given the go?

Yes, of course. We know how easily plans can change, and with our 3D landscape design process, adding to your design or updating it to meet new requirements is very doable. But while nothing’s ever set in stone, just keep in mind that changes late in the game may well incur additional costs.

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